Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO – 80% discount + bundle – download

Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO – 80% discount + bundle – download

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO

Every PC user knows the problem that the computer is running slow. Different factors can cause it: various processes, errors in the registry, unnecessary startup entries and full or fragmented hard drives. Luckily, there is so-called system optimization software that brings the PC into shape in a few moments and throws away unnecessary data garbage. One of the most popular programs of this kind is Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO by IObit – get the full version with our gift bundle and save 80% – CLICK HERE.

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Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO contains the handy 1-click optimization with many useful tools, which are responsible for different areas of system optimization. When you start the software first time, a short tutorial starts with basic explanations of the available features and interface components. The interface of Advanced System Care PRO 8 is concise, fashionable and provides easy access to important functions. Basically two modes are available: Simple and Advanced. The first is aimed at beginners who want to start with only one click on the Scan button. Those who want to choose exactly what has to be checked and repaired, select the second mode.

As already mentioned, Advanced System Care PRO 8 contains dozens of tools that you can use individually for a targeted system optimization. Here are some examples:

Registry Cleaner – examines the registry for unnecessary and erroneous entries. After the scan, the detected faults can be cleared selectively or completely. A regular clean using the Registry Cleaner improves performance and prevents system errors.

IObit Uninstaller – the tool helps to uninstall and delete the programs you want to remove completely. Where a standard uninstallation can leave data garbage, the uninstaller attempts to remedy this.

Disk Cleaner – seeks out and deletes data trash on selected hard drives, for example, temporary or log files. It gets you more disk space.

Program Deactivator – This tool will help to avoid uninstallations and conserve system resources. In this way you can just turn off programs and their background processes. If you need the software again, simply enable it using the mouse.

Undelete – do you have accidentally deleted a file? No Problem. This module helps to restore this file.

Startup Manager – when the desktop appears while Windows starts, you have to wait for a moment, because Windows is still busy running autostart entries. With this useful tool by IObit allows you to determine which programs have to be loaded or disabled immediately after starting the operating system. Instead of a complete deactivation, you may also opt for a delayed start. So you can significantly reduce the loading time when Windows starts.

File Shredder – files that you simply delete using the Recycle Bin can be restored and therefor pose a potential safety risk. With the tool sensitive and secret files can be deleted unrecoverable according to military standards.

Disk Explorer – this module searches on your hard drives for files that are taking up much space, and lists them. So you can see at a glance where disk space can be created.

Cloned Files Scanner – scans disks for duplicate files and delete the unnecessary copies to create more space.

With Advanced System Care Pro, you do not need to worry about the many aspects of maintenance, because with this software, you get a complete solution that does the tedious work automatically, reliably and really thoroughly. If you want to run the maintenance manually or want to disable parts of the automatic cleaning system – no problem. The program can be set very flexible. Buy Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO now discouned: CLICK HERE.

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Advanced SystemCare 8 PRO

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