Software for creating calendars, greeting cards, photo books, invitations, posters, photo collages – Picture Collage Maker Pro – free download.

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Picture Collage Maker Pro

You want to create custom print media such as posters, photo books, greeting cards, scrapbooks, comic books, invitation cards, calendars and photo collages and need a user-friendly software? ” Picture Collage Maker” is the perfect solution – this program helps you to create impressive photo projects for print and digital output. You can customize your calendar or greeting cards from scratch, or use one of the high quality templates. The full version of “Picture Collage Maker Pro” includes hundreds of templates, graphics, backgrounds, frames, masks, and other tools that allow you to create your custom photo project.

Picture Collage Maker Pro download and purchase.Working with Picture Collage Maker first we have to choose ist the mode: Should it be an empty project, or at least a template? If you have very little time, use the included wizard, which guides you step by step through the creation process: add photos, select the template, and you are done! On request, the result can be output directly – also such large formats such as A1 are possible. If you want to make improvements, simply open the graphics editor.

Buy and download: Picture Collage Maker Pro - full version - discount coupon.The graphics editor of “Picture Collage Maker” consists of four parts . At the top is the menu bar together with large tool buttons about which one can call basic functions, eg new project, save, or create photo collage. On the left side of the window we have the library bar – there you can select the templates and use drag and drop. These are divided into several categories such as : collage, calendar, comic, photo books, posters, etc. New templates can be downloaded from an freely accessible online database. Below you find backgrounds, pictures, masks, frames, graphics and shapes. All the elements are shown as thumbnails. In the middle of the screen you will see the preview project, where all graphic elements are stored. The right edge of the window is occupied by the pages and layer sidebar.

If you finish your photography project, simply click on the share button in the menu bar. “Picture Collage Maker” provides here, among other things, to export your work as print, e-mail or image file.

Are you interested? Test this cool software! The free trial version of “Picture Collage Maker Pro” is available for download – CLICK HERE . The software is available as a Windows and Mac version .

If you want to buy the full version cheap, click HERE.

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Picture Collage Maker Pro

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