81% Discount: Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (3 PC) for $15 – buy and download full version cheap – coupon code

81% Discount: Bitdefender Total Security 2014 (3 PC) for $15 – buy and download full version cheap – coupon code

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Bitdefender Total Security

Save now 81% and get the best protection!

The european Security Suite “BitDefender Total Security” is very popular around the world. No wonder, because the software occupies top places in various tests and is proven against modern threats that lurk on the internet. Only until Friday ( 24/01/2014 ) you can buy and download the full version of “Bitdefender Total Security 2014” for 3 PCs much cheaper – you get 81% discount! Unbelievable! Reduced from $79.95 You pay only $14.95! CLICK HERE.

Bitdefender Total Security download and purchase with discount coupon.Special features of Bitdefender:

  • B -HAVE , and Active Virus Control – modern detection technologies with heuristic protection against known and unknown viruses, spyware, and other threats.
  • Wallet – here you can encrypt sensitive data such as passwords or bank data and keep it safe .
  • Bitdefender Photon – this technology makes the security suite light, unobtrusive and fast.
  • Anti-Theft – locates and steers your lost laptop.
  • PC Tuning – the built-in system optimizer cleans the registry, the hard drive and makes Windows faster.
  • Backup – this security suite has powel backup tools including 2 gigabytes of online storage.
  • Adaptive spam filters.
  • Intelligent firewall against hackers.
  • Easily configurable parental controls.
  • Comprehensive internet protection against phishing, identity theft.
  • Secure online banking and shopping with Bitdefender SafePay.

With “Bitdefender Total Security 2014” you get comprehensive protection for your PC: virus scanners, surfing and identity protection, firewall, spam filter, parental control and other protection functions are included. In contrast to Bitdefender Internet Security the security suite also offers theft protection, a backup module and an integrated system optimizer. Thanks to the new technique called “Bitdefender Photon”, the program uses little resources and works quietly without disturbing your work.

Download the full version of Bitdefender Total Security 2014.The modern virus scanner detects and removes viruses, spyware, bots, adware and other malware. The PC is monitored by the software continuously, the efficient heuristic scanners – “B-HAVE” and “Active Virus Control” – identify and destroy even previously unknown malware.

The intelligent firewall ensures efficient defensive measures against hacker attacks and suspicious activity of locally installed software. Thanks to the surf protection also dubious websites are blocked and e-mails are investigated for infected content. Viruses, phishing and other malware are immediately neutralized. The surf protection shows already in the search engine results whether the listed websites are safe. An adaptive spam filter protects your mailbox from unwanted and often annoying messages. The security suite also supports you in managing private data such as passwords or credit card numbers. Such information may be stored encrypted . If you want, the software can fill login forms on web pages based on the stored data automatically, so you will not need to remember tons of passwords anymore.

“Bitdefender Total Security” is the optimal choice for those who want to have a perfect combination of strongest protection and best performance . “Bitdefender Total Security 2014”: buy it  now and save 81%!

Download : Bitdefender Total Security .

Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Bitdefender Total Security

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