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The computer is just a machine that consists of replaceable parts. This includes the hard disk, where all data is stored. But what if it suddenly fail? If you have previously created a backup copy of your data, just replace the old disk with a new one, and load the saved data to the new hardware. If you have not created a backup, your data can be lost forever. Therefore get Genie Timeline Home or Pro 2014 – with this backup software you create customized and automated backup copies, quickly and easily.

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At the start of Genie Timeline stands equal attention to the incredibly intuitive interface. In just a few steps, you create automated backup plans for specific files, folders, file types, or whole partitions and disks.

Genie Timeline 2014 buy and download free trial.Genie Timeline Pro or Home offers special modes that adapt to the computer usage and the energy management. So if you use the PC intensively, no backups are performed. This allows you to enjoy full performance when you need it.

More information about the backup software you will find here:
Genie Timeline Home 2014
Genie Timeline Pro 2014

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Buy and get the discount! Download free trial Genie Timeline

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